Are You Cold in the Summertime?

August 11, 2016

Are You Cold in the Summertime?

Ah, summer! Hot, sunny days made for spending time at the beach or on the golf course; warm evenings perfect for sitting outside on the porch or patio, enjoying a cool drink. So relaxing!

Until you enter an over air-conditioned space. At work, you step through the door of your office into what feels like a frozen tundra. Your bare arms, which basked in the sunshine only moments ago, sprout goosebumps almost immediately.

It can happen in restaurants and cinemas, too. For the first few minutes, the cool air is a blissful retreat from the heat outside. And then the chill sets in. Before you know it, you’re wishing you’d brought along a sweater.

Bronte Moon has the solution! Our ruanas and mini-ruanas are the ideal accessory for summer. Available in many colors and neutrals to complement any outfit, they’re light and warm. The soft 100% Merino wool allows your skin to breathe and your body to regulate its temperature naturally – after all, have you ever seen a sheep sweat?

Ripon mini-ruana

Our ruanas are generously sized to wrap completely around yourself; at 55” x 72”, they can even be used as a throw blanket in a pinch! If you are more petite, our new mini-ruana will be the perfect fit for you, at 55” x 53”. Throw a ruana or mini-ruana in your bag, and you’ll be ready for any environment. View the entire collection here, and enjoy the summer, whether you’re indoors or out!

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