A Natural Choice for Babies

July 14, 2016

A Natural Choice for Babies

Wool is a natural choice for bedding and clothes for infants and young children. Soft and smooth, Merino wool fibers create fabrics that retain their shape, resist odor and bacteria, and can easily be cleaned.

BecauseBronte_Baby of its insulating and wicking properties, wool keeps babies warm when it’s cold out and cool when the temperature rises. A research study conducted by the University of Sydney found that participants sleeping in wool pajamas and on wool bedding had a higher quality of sleep in both cool and warm conditions – falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

On top of that, wool is hypoallergenic and naturally fire-retardant. All of this explains the recent rise in the production and popularity of wool mattresses. So if you know someone having a baby soon, consider welcoming that new little bundle of joy with one of Bronte Moon’s lovely baby blankets! It’s not only safer and more comfortable than acrylic, it’s also sure to be loved for many years to come.


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