Springtime Means Sheep & Wool Festivals!

April 08, 2016

Springtime Means Sheep & Wool Festivals!

It’s finally Springtime – even if it really hasn’t felt much like it here in New England! (We got 6” of snow on April 5th. Really.) And although wool mKentucky Sheep and Wool Festivalay not your first thought in the Spring, you might be surprised at how many “Sheep & Wool” festivals are happening all around the country.

For example, here in Massachusetts, we have the 42nd Annual Sheep & Woolcraft Festival during the last weekend in May. New Hampshire has its 40th Annual Sheep & Wool Festival a couple of weeks earlier; for our customers in the Mid-Atlantic, the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is the first weekend in May. In short, almost every state or region has a similar event coming up.

Most of these festivals have similarities: you can see lots of different kinds of sheep, alpacas and llamas, even goats and bunnies. There are often sheep-shearing and wool-spinning demonstrations, lectures, and sheep dog herding trials. Sometimes there are contests and workshops (for those of you who knit or crochet!).

We encourage you to attend one of these events to learn more about the way sheep are raised for their wool. You may have seen the anti-wool advertising that PETA has been doing lately; we hope that you will educate yourself, so that you can purchase, wear, and enjoy your wool confidently!

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