Ethan and Allen Mohair Throw Blanket in Juniper


Our good friends Ethan and Allen use our stunning mohair throws in a few rooms of their home. Simply beautiful home decor.

This mohair throw is both lightweight and luxuriously soft and looks gorgeous however you drape it, the rich color looks beautiful against a neutral backdrop and is positively stunning paired with some metallic accents. Use this cozy beauty to throw some shade at a neutral room palette, or be bold and showcase it with some pillows in complementary colors.

This Mohair throw is whisper-soft making it a firm favorite with Bronte customers. Available in a wide selection of rich colors to suit the decor of any room of the house. The second part of our Distinction range alongside our luxuriate Alpaca throws.

Mohair is a fabric that comes from the fleece of the Angora goat, not to be confused with Angora wool that comes from the Angora rabbit. It is coarser than cashmere but it wears hard and responds beautifully to dying. However, please be advised that shedding is a natural characteristic of this fibre, therefore they are more decorative than they are a ‘wrap up warm’ blanket!. Until now a very underrated wool it has a luxurious luster and sheen and comes in a variety of colors to suit any home.

Composition 62% Mohair, 35% Wool, 3% Nylon

Approximate size including fringe 55" x 72" (w x l)
Seen here in Juniper

Made in the UK
This product is manufactured by Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd who have been producing quality wool products at their mill in Yorkshire, England since 1837. This is one of the last remaining vertical mills in England and it has been operating since the end of the Industrial Revolution. They are World Leaders in dyeing, spinning, weaving, blending and finishing, producing beautiful products that you can cherish for a lifetime.

This item is final sale only as it marked down, no returns, refunds, credits or exchanges etc allowed.

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